Jean Bas

How much

How much does a made-to-measure Jean Bas Design cost?

Jean Bas Limited Edition made-to-measure garments are based on a charge of $65 per hour tailoring.
Our Seamstresses have an accumulated knowledge of over 100 years in clothing construction (and there’s only 3 of them!). Generally a Jacket and Skirt/ Jacket and Dress combination will require 30 to 40 hrs, or $2,000 to $2,500 range Additional to this is the fabric cost. This varies of course, but is often $500 to $1,000.
The average price point in the $3,000 region. More elaborate garments such as Bridal gowns with additional or all over embellishment and exclusively sourced fabrics are quoted on request.
Clients with smaller budgets might consider a feature Jacket to lift an existing item in your wardrobe. These can be selected from the Ready to Wear section in our Studio Store or can be made bespoke on request.
These items still require time to be produced individually, but our team can react to tighter time frames than when creating a complete ensemble. It is useful to advise us of your Budget, Timeline and Brief in your initial meeting, so that we can guide you appropriately in design, fabric and embellishment selection.