Jean Bas

What sizes are available

I am happy to accommodate any size and my team will guide you through the process to ensure all your needs are met. When crafting your piece I take the process in stages to ensure you are happy with the end result. I always do a basic shape to form the foundation first, so you can see the evolution of the idea, feel how it supports you and get your feedback. I always cut with extra allowance so we can adjust to your changing needs over the fitting timeline.
Calico toiles or samplers are often employed to scribe designs to your shape before cutting the actual cloth. There is usually a charge associated with this (approx. $150) and is quoted at time of order.
Jean Bas is a small business and I do apologise that I cannot accommodate all sizes in our sample range. Even if the sample garment doesn’t fit, I can still get a sense of the style on you and can guide you on changes.